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Любопытный мальчик

The Curious Boy
Once upon a time in a village lived a boy. He was good, but very curious. He was interested in everything. Why do the birds fly and don’t fall? Why does a bear sleep in winter, and the wolves don’t sleep? Why? Why? All people in the village were hiding when they saw him in the street. He wanted to grow up faster and go to school, because there was a teacher who could answer all his questions.
And while no one could answer his numerous "why", he tried to find out the answers himself.
One day he was walking in the street and saw a beautiful bullfinch.
-I wonder why is a bullfinch so beautiful? I will catch up it and learn it.
And the boy ran. He tried to catch the bird and did not look around. When he was tired the boy stopped and realized that he lost. He sat on the small hill and started crying loudly. After all, he was only 5 years old and he was frightened.
From under the hill a voice came and soon a little hedgehog got.
-Well, well, well! Spring doesn’t come, and where the damp comes from?
The Hedgehog rolled his nose in the air and said: «Br-r-r! It’s cold. Why are you crying? »
The Boy opened his mouth surprisingly. «I want to home but I don’t know how to get out of the forest».
-Hey, do you really know how to talk? Why do the people say that you sleep in winter? May I come in your house? – A natural curiosity took up in the boy and he forgot that he had cried a few minutes ago.
The Hedgehog was shocked from so many questions and decided to hold the talkative boy in the village. In the way the Boy didn’t calm down. «Why? Why not? Why? » - echoed around. The Hedgehog began to tell.
-You know, I was asleep when you woke me with your crying. We, the hedgehogs, sleep in winter. It helps us to survive the long and cold winter. And all the animals are able to talk, just you, people, do not know how to listen to us. And its Christmas…
-What is Christmas?
- What? What? – The animal mimicked the boy. – Christmas is the time of a miracle, a fairy tale magic.
- Magic - it’s great! Show me something magical, please!
- Magic? – The Hedgehog thought some minutes. – What would you like most of all?
-I?d like to go home!
The Hedgehog stood up on tiptoes, sniffed the air and showed in a side.
-And there’s your village!
The Boy was delighted and wanted to hug the Hedgehog. But the animal immediately jumped to the side.
-Be attentive! I have the sharp needles.
-But why? Where’s the magic?
-Please go home! You will wake all the animals. If Mikhailo Potapich will wake now…
The Boy ran and thought: «Tomorrow I will go back to the forest, find my friend – the Hedgehog and ask him about Mikhailo Potapich.»
The Hedgehog was walking to his hole and thought: «Why? Why? The Boy is very curious. The magical time is now. It?s Christmas.»
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