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In the Search of Friends (В поисках друзей)

Once upon a time a little Rabbit lived in a Valley of Happiness. He was white and smart. He liked to work and all day long preferred to do more useful things. He had a large beautiful house and a garden with wonderful apple-trees. In front of his house there was a nice flower-bed, where roses, daffodils and daisies grew.

He had a happy life but he hadn’t a friend. He had his house and garden but he had nobody to visit and to talk with him.

One day he woke up early in the morning and decided to go searching for a friend. The weather was fine, the sun shone and the birds sang a merry song.

He walked for a long time. During his travelling the Rabbit visited some large cities with long streets and tall houses. He didn’t like these cities because there were many people but they didn’t want to make friends with him. They were very busy and had no time to talk or to play with the little Rabbit.

He continued on his way. The poor Rabbit saw the fish in the rivers but they kept silence, the wolves in the forests but they wanted to eat him. The little Rabbit was upset. He thought the search of friends was a silly thing.

One day he saw the tall mountains. The poor Rabbit was tired but he so badly wanted to have a friend and he went on. The mountains were tall and gloomy.

He found himself in a Valley of Friendship. The valley was green. There were many beautiful flowers, tall trees, attractive berries and mushrooms. To his surprise the Rabbit saw also many carrots and cabbages. There was a large lake and a green forest in the valley. Many animals played in the area. A Dragon, a Snake, a Cockerel and a Pig played hide-and-seek. A Dog, a Horse and a Bull played football. A Monkey, a Goat and a Rat swam in the lake.

Suddenly the animals noticed our little hungry traveler. They invited him to their house and gave him much tasty food. Then the Rabbit told them about his dream, his house and his garden with the apple-trees. He told about his travelling, different cities and towns.

The kind Dragon offered the animals to become the brave Rabbit?s friends. All of them agreed.

Now the happy Rabbit had many friends. They played different games the whole day. Some days later he was boring about his house and his garden. He made up his mind to come back to his home.

The animals decided to visit their new friend from time to time. They said that the way to him was long and difficult so every friend would come and stay with him a whole year.

The kind Dragon wanted to be his first visitor. He could fly and they came to the Rabbit?s home quickly. The Rabbit was happy. His dream came true. He had many good friends and he was at home.
Кирьянова Дарья Васильевна (СубаковаАА)
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