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Презентация по английскому языку "Halloween"

3    The history of the feast
   The history of Halloween began many times ago in the lands of modern Britain and Northern France.
    This territory was inhabited by Celtic  tribes. They divided the year into two parts - winter and summer.
    Throughout the winter the Sun God was a prisoner of LORD OF THE DEAD, and THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS.

4       There was the Celtic festival Samhain on November 1st .
   The ancient legend says, in this night the door to the other world opens, and the dead come to the earth.

5       Then Romans conquered Celtic territory. They brought their own traditions.
   Later the traditions of the Samhain and two Latin holidays mixed: Feralia (dedicated to the memory of the dead) and Pomona (Pomona - goddess of tree fruits)

6       In the IX century, when Christianity came on the territory of the United Kingdom, these ancient traditions mixed with another holiday - the Day of All Saints - ALL HALLOWS EVEN.
   Later it became known as Halloween.
   Nowadays people have got  a lot of funny traditions. left of that festival.

7       Why do people wear masks on Halloween?
   This night people dress  costumes and masks. They arrange masquerades. Mask function is to hide the face  and trick  the evil spirits.
   Halloween came from the Celtic traditions. These people believed that the dead
come to the world of the living on October 31st.

8    Jack O’Lanterns
   A symbol of Halloween - pumpkin-head.
   Pumpkin symbolizes the end of the harvest, the evil spirit and fire.
   This tradition came from Ireland.
   The Irish did holes in the turnips and put there candles. They  wanted  evil spirits passed by the house, when they saw lights.  
   They put the Lights Jack in front of their houses during the Samhain.

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